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Front Facing Carriers the Key to Cruising in Style

It is very important to include your little one in all the things that you are doing. It is a very important part of learning and experiencing what the world around them will have to offer. However, many parents feel that it is difficult to include their young infants and toddlers in every part of their day to day life. When we do, we often hold them in a position that doesn’t make it easy for them to see. For any parent or grandparent that wants to take their little one on a true adventure; you have options. Front facing carriers are the key to cruising in style for most curious toddlers.

Advantages of a Front Facer

Think about the way you normally carry your toddler. They are typically on your hip and have to turn their head to see what is in front of you. This is not always bad for them, but it can get uncomfortable for them. Then you get tired of carrying them, having your hands full of a toddler on one hip and other items in your other hand, and eventually, you put them down. There are also parents who attempt to not hold their child because they do not want it to be “expected” of them. The truth is, holding a child is good for you both and there is an easy way for you to do it that will not confine them to constantly turning their head or you dealing with a steady ache in the lower back.

Why Front Facing is Fun

When you have a carrier that is designed like these, your child will be able to see the world as you see it in every way. They will be able to have the experiences you are having and take cues from you on what is exciting and what is cool to see. You will be able to take them to a concert where they can see the music and hear the sounds in the same way that you do. They can go to the zoo or the park and see all of the sights that you are able to see. Their short height will not cause them to have as many blind spots. This will mean more excitement for your toddler.

Comfort for Everyone

Using a carrier also means that your hands are free, but the best part of them is the fact that all of the one’s available today are designed to support your back and your toddlers. They are designed to spread out the weight of your child evenly across your waist, shoulders, and back. Many have lumbar supports and are easily adjustable to meet your comfort needs. The same is true for your child. They will have comfort and security knowing that you are close to them. They will feel as though they are a part of everything from grocery shopping to washing dishes and visiting with your friends. This will ensure they are not shy in social situations and help them in so many other ways. It is all within your reach. Why not take advantage of it?

Updated: April 19, 2017 — 11:21 am
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