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Cruising to The Jams in A Kayak

In our busy world, it isn’t always easy to find a space that you can relax in. The same devices that are designed to keep us connected somehow invade the quiet moments that we try to grab hold of, but still we end up taking them along into those quiet areas out of habit. This is why many people are developing a love for kayaking. It is a very relaxing activity for people of all ages and it is also a very low impact way to stay in shape. As a bonus, cruising to the jams in a kayak will make it even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Why Kayaking Rocks

When you venture out in a kayak, you will be surrounded by nature and be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze. You can listen to nature, hear the paddle splashing in the water, and travel as slow or as fast as you want to travel. You will have the opportunity to see eagles soaring overhead, deer on the riverbanks, and all types of other wildlife. You can also choose to leave your smart phone, tablets, and other devices on shore or in your dry storage areas without feeling guilty about ignoring your phone calls. Your arms do all the work, but your body has to stay balanced which is a workout all its own. It is an activity that strengthens your inner core without wearing you down. This is ideal for kids, adults, and elderly people who want to stay in shape, because unlike other “exercises”, you do not have to worry about any jarring motions that may cause soreness the next day.

Best Kayaking Trips

Id Rather Be KayakingChances are good, once you climb into a kayak, it will not take you very long to figure out the best places for you to venture into. It may be a lake that you love, a river that is peaceful and beautiful, or a beach that challenges you. Your favorite waterways will make you even happier about venturing out on another adventure as often as you possibly can. However, for as relaxing as it may be, you may also choose to take along your favorite tunes. For instance, can you imagine working out, rocking to the oldies, as you paddle through your favorite areas? It is possible if you are willing to explore creative ways to carry your favorite music device, but before you do that; you need to figure out which kayak you want. You can see the difference between inflatable vs hardshell kayak on Kayak Kraze if you want to make sure that you can safely carry your tunes with you when you go.

How to Carry Your Music with You


Water Speakers

Music helps us get into a rhythm and this is very important when exercising. Therefore, you will want to plan ahead and ensure that your devices will be protected from the water. If you are going to use your tablet or smartphone, you can store it in a Ziploc bag and attach it to your kayak if it has straps for securing items. A Bluetooth speaker or headset will also help you be able to hear it, but this should also be waterproof. Many kayaks, have areas that are designed to be waterproof so that you could even carry along a small radio if you do prefer to leave the devices behind.

Updated: January 17, 2018 — 1:20 pm
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