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As A True Oldies Internet Radio Station You Can Rest Assured That You Will Always Hear The Original Songs Covering Three Generations Of Music That Literally Changed The World Of Music & Entertainment.

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Cruising to The Jams in A Kayak

In our busy world, it isn’t always easy to find a space that you can relax in. The same devices that are designed to keep us connected somehow invade the quiet moments that we try to grab hold of, but still we end up taking them along into those quiet areas out of habit. This is why many people are developing a love for kayaking. It is a very relaxing activity for people of all ages and it is also a very low impact way to stay in shape. As a bonus, cruising to the jams in a kayak will make it even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Why Kayaking Rocks

When you venture out in a kayak, you will be surrounded by nature and be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze. You can listen to nature, hear the paddle splashing in the water, and travel as slow or as fast as you want to travel. You will have the opportunity to see eagles soaring overhead, deer on the riverbanks, and all types of other wildlife. You can also choose to leave your smart phone, tablets, and other devices on shore or in your dry storage areas without feeling guilty about ignoring your phone calls. Your arms do all the work, but your body has to stay balanced which is a workout all its own. It is an activity that strengthens your inner core without wearing you down. This is ideal for kids, adults, and elderly people who want to stay in shape, because unlike other “exercises”, you do not have to worry about any jarring motions that may cause soreness the next day.

Best Kayaking Trips

Id Rather Be KayakingChances are good, once you climb into a kayak, it will not take you very long to figure out the best places for you to venture into. It may be a lake that you love, a river that is peaceful and beautiful, or a beach that challenges you. Your favorite waterways will make you even happier about venturing out on another adventure as often as you possibly can. However, for as relaxing as it may be, you may also choose to take along your favorite tunes. For instance, can you imagine working out, rocking to the oldies, as you paddle through your favorite areas? It is possible if you are willing to explore creative ways to carry your favorite music device, but before you do that; you need to figure out which kayak you want. You can see the difference between inflatable vs hardshell kayak on Kayak Kraze if you want to make sure that you can safely carry your tunes with you when you go.

How to Carry Your Music with You


Water Speakers

Music helps us get into a rhythm and this is very important when exercising. Therefore, you will want to plan ahead and ensure that your devices will be protected from the water. If you are going to use your tablet or smartphone, you can store it in a Ziploc bag and attach it to your kayak if it has straps for securing items. A Bluetooth speaker or headset will also help you be able to hear it, but this should also be waterproof. Many kayaks, have areas that are designed to be waterproof so that you could even carry along a small radio if you do prefer to leave the devices behind.

Seal in The Tunes to You Airstream

There are people who love older style vehicles and RVs of all kinds. They may even go out of their way to get a “collectible” because there are many who say, “They don’t build ‘em like they used to.” The same is true for Airstream trailers. They are travel trailers that many consider classics. They have a retro style that is all their own. However, it can be a problem to seal in the tunes to your Airstream and this means that many people are hoping to upgrade their Airstream to make it a little more enjoyable.

The Silver Bullet

Living The Airstream LifeWe have all seen Airstream trailers. They are the camper trailers that are made of silver. Streamlined and wonderful according to most owners. They are perhaps one of the most distinctive campers ever. It was first invented in the 1930s, which makes it the oldest type of recreational vehicle around. It is currently based on designs that were originally created by Hawley Bowlus, who was also an overseer of the construction of an aircraft designed by Charles Lindbergh. They are manufactured in Jackson Center, Ohio as a part of Thor Industries.

Updating History

As impressive as Airstreams are, and their impressive history; there are still things that are dated if you compare older campers with newer ones. This means that there are many people who love them, but want them to become a little more updated. They may want to upgrade the speakers so that they can listen to their favorite music when out camping or they may want to seal the windows to make it a little more soundproof so that their music doesn’t offend others. Some people may use Trempro 635 because it seems to be the best for sealing all areas of an older style trailer.

Other popular upgrades include taking out the built-in water pressure regulator so that you get all the pressure you can from a campground, upgrading the halogen lights that are above the stove in a lot of trailers so that you have more light and less heat, a hitch lock to prevent theft, and even solar panels which can give you extra power or allow you to camp in off the grid areas.

Audio Issues

If you also decide that you want to upgrade your audio to a more powerful system, it is possible. However, there are some people who have issues with wiring since there may only be one wire on your Airstream, but two on the new radio. Some people also use a switch so that they can kill the power to their radio. This prevents excess battery drain when the radio is not even playing. If you have a radio and speaker in the bedroom area of your camper, you can put in larger speakers in the cabinets. Cutting carefully and then sealing up cracks will be imperative. It will prevent the speaker from wiggling around and hold it securely, especially if you install the stereo in the front panel and the speakers below the cabinet.

Front Facing Carriers the Key to Cruising in Style

It is very important to include your little one in all the things that you are doing. It is a very important part of learning and experiencing what the world around them will have to offer. However, many parents feel that it is difficult to include their young infants and toddlers in every part of their day to day life. When we do, we often hold them in a position that doesn’t make it easy for them to see. For any parent or grandparent that wants to take their little one on a true adventure; you have options. Front facing carriers are the key to cruising in style for most curious toddlers.

Advantages of a Front Facer

Think about the way you normally carry your toddler. They are typically on your hip and have to turn their head to see what is in front of you. This is not always bad for them, but it can get uncomfortable for them. Then you get tired of carrying them, having your hands full of a toddler on one hip and other items in your other hand, and eventually, you put them down. There are also parents who attempt to not hold their child because they do not want it to be “expected” of them. The truth is, holding a child is good for you both and there is an easy way for you to do it that will not confine them to constantly turning their head or you dealing with a steady ache in the lower back.

Why Front Facing is Fun

When you have a carrier that is designed like these, your child will be able to see the world as you see it in every way. They will be able to have the experiences you are having and take cues from you on what is exciting and what is cool to see. You will be able to take them to a concert where they can see the music and hear the sounds in the same way that you do. They can go to the zoo or the park and see all of the sights that you are able to see. Their short height will not cause them to have as many blind spots. This will mean more excitement for your toddler.

Comfort for Everyone

Using a carrier also means that your hands are free, but the best part of them is the fact that all of the one’s available today are designed to support your back and your toddlers. They are designed to spread out the weight of your child evenly across your waist, shoulders, and back. Many have lumbar supports and are easily adjustable to meet your comfort needs. The same is true for your child. They will have comfort and security knowing that you are close to them. They will feel as though they are a part of everything from grocery shopping to washing dishes and visiting with your friends. This will ensure they are not shy in social situations and help them in so many other ways. It is all within your reach. Why not take advantage of it?

The Sound of Music is Only as Good as Your Speakers

Everyone has a favorite song that when they hear it, they are unable to stop their head from bobbing, a foot from tapping, and memories from being remembered. Some of us have many songs that when they come on the radio, we sing along and maybe even dance a little. It doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to, the sound of music is only as good as your speakers can make it.

Why Speakers Really Matter

Without quality speakers, the sounds that you love are never going to sound as great as you may want them to. For that reason, there are often certain speakers that are best for one type of music than others. For instance, if you enjoy music that has a lot of bass, you will want to choose speakers that can keep up with it. You can check out all of the latest and greatest speakers on this site. Country, pop, classical, and all other types of music have the same needs, even those oldies but goodies that you listened to when growing up.

Speakers for the Classic Sound

Back in the day, oldies didn’t use a lot of heavy bass. The music was focused more on the singer’s voice and the band’s talent with their chosen instruments. This means that even if you spend a small fortune searching for the best bass speakers available, you will still not get the quality of sound that you want from the oldies style music choices you remember and loved. Think about the music that you hear today. There are songs that are full of bass and amplifiers that change the way everything sounds. Those past bands and singers didn’t have access to the equipment that our musicians have now. They used guitars, drums, amps, but they were not as advanced as we have now. Therefore, if you enjoy oldies, you will want the clearest sounds possible. They should be able to amplify the singer and the equipment without taking it over or changing it up. Otherwise, you are not going to be satisfied with your speaker choice.

Oldies Are In Style

When it comes to the classic songs, they have never gone out of style. People love to listen to them throughout the years and many still appear on the billboard charts today. The good news is, there are many speakers available for people who love them. There are Bluetooth speakers and portables. There are cheap speakers and more expensive ones. You can put speakers in your yard and throughout your home. Due to the simple sounds that those old bands stayed true too; you can enjoy listening on a variety of speakers and you do not have to worry that their sounds will come across sounding too high pitched or not high enough. In today’s market, there are so many speaker choices available and most all of them can play the music that you enjoy. It is the music that started all of the music that today’s kids love and you should share those sounds with your kids in the best way possible. Then you can also teach them about the importance of good speakers and the sound of music that they enjoy.

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